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fan fiction chapter 7: Worst day.. First kiss?

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   I can’t believe this is happening! I was getting ready for my date tonight with Zyan. I looked like « this. We were going to dinner at the fancy restaurant down the block. We were still in Florida. I loved it here. The beach was the best part about it. The wind blowing in my hair and the soft sand surrounding me. It was the life. The other girls were staying at the boys’ penthouse and watching the Scream. Ali told me all about what happened with Louis and Jess while I was flirting with Zayn. I knew they liked each other. Jess just wouldn’t admit to it. I brushed my hand across the soft fabric of my dress. The flashback hit me with sudden force.

   I was at a party. I was wearing a black skin tight dress. My parents always have had a ton of money. They bought me this dress last Christmas. I had on expensive black high heels. My hair was straightened and fell down to my waist. Every cool kid was at this party and back then I was the most popular girl in the school. I was with my girls. At this time my girls were Mandy Moore, Ashley Woods, and Emily Hughes. Mandy was wearing an even shorter dress than I was and got a lot of stares from the boys. It was a dark blue. Ashley was wearing a sparkling silver skin tight dress and Emily was wearing a gold version of Ashley’s dress. The party was being held by Josh Wild. He was the only highschooler that threw parties with booze. Beer bottles were lying on the floor. The air reeked of alcohol. Everyone loved Josh and would do anything to have him, but he had his eye set on only one.. me. “Oh come on Becky! Just go talk to him.. Don’t be a wus!” Mandy said.

   “I’m not a wus I just don’t know if I like him that way..” I answered

   ” Oh please I know you do!” Ashley said..

  They pushed me over to where Josh was standing talking to his friends. He was drunk. “Hey babe how’s it going?” He stuttered. He put his arm around me. One of his friends whistled.. “You go Josh.” He said. I noticed that all of his friends were drunk. I brushed off the sense of fear that washed over me. I grabbed Josh’s beer and took a swig. “I’m doing good how about you?” I said. He brushed my hair behind my shoulder and started kissing my neck. I froze. He reached my ear and whispered, “Great.”

    I had hooked up with many guys before. Josh and I were leaned against the hallway wall. He was kissing me and had his hands placed on the wall behind me. I had my hands wrapped around the collar of his shirt. Suddenly he started pulling down my dress. “No..” I thought. I had never gone this far with anyone and I wasn’t planning on doing so with Josh. “No josh..” I said and started pushing him away. He pulled me to him again. I started thrashing around and hitting him. “NO!” I yelled. He threw me over his shoulder and took me to a different room while I screamed for help. A boy looked at us and said, “Now that’s how you do it Josh!” He yelled.

   For the next hours or so I just lay there. Sometimes I would scream for help. Most of the time I would just whimper. Why? I thought. Why me? I had never thought this would happen to me. After he had passed out, I left. I crawled out of the house. Most of the people left including my girls. Some were passed out. When I got out of the house I realized the severity of what just happened. I fell on the ground and started to cry. I curled myself in a ball. I knew I had to get out before someone found me here. Whatever would happen next I knew I could never tell anyone about this. I walked back home. I crawled up the stairs and into my room.

   The next day I changed into « this.. I spent the whole day wrapped up in my bed crying, replaying what had happened over in my mind. i heard my name being called from downstairs several times but ignored it. I heard someone knock on the front door. A few minutes later someone lightly tapped on my door. I didn’t answer. The door creaked open. “Hey..” It was Josh. He closed the door behind him. I jumped out of bed and stood up a few feet away from him. “Get out now!” I said.

    “Look.. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing..” He said. “SHUT UP!! You knew exactly what you were doing.” I interrupted him. “I know and you have every right to be angry with me, just please forgive me..” He said. “Forgive you? FORGIVE YOU???!!!!!!! Do you know what you did to me?” I paused.. “You’re so dramatic! You were the one that started kissing me! I was drunk! You were sober!” He yelled. “You’re saying it’s my fault!? Well fuck you! Get the hell out of my house!” I screamed.

   My mom rushed in and stared at me. She looked at Josh and said, “I think you should leave. Now josh..”

  Josh looked at me and said.. “Hey Becca.. You ready?” ….

  My mind was forced back out of my flashback. I looked up and Zayn was there, “What?” I said. “You ready?” He laughed. “Oh right yeah.. I am”


  The girls and I were sitting on the couch watching the Scream. I was curled up against Louis ducking my face in his neck if there was a scary part. Logan was next to me. She was holding her knees, rocking back and forth.Sam was sleeping, wrapped up in the blankets on one of the seats. Ali was freaking out next to Louis. Whenever a scary part came on she started screaming. “OMG! OMG! DON’T GO IN THERE!!!!” She was screaming.I laughed.

   After the movie was over all of us sat around in a circle and played truth or dare. “Truth or dare?” I asked Ali. “UUMMMM!! DARE!!” She said. “I dare you to go out on the balcony and whenever someone walks by scream I’m sexy and I know it!” I said. She looked at me.. “Wow very original..” We went out to the balcony and watched as she harassed everyone that walked by. “You’re hilarious!!” I said through laughs. “OK I’M DONE!!” She yelled..

   “MY TURN!!” Logan said.. “Okay truth or dare?” she asked me. “Dare..” I said. She smiled and looked at Louis.. “I dare you to kiss Louis..” My heart was pounding. What did she say.. “Umm..” Louis was looking at me. “Okay..” He said. My eyes were wide open.. “Uhhhh…”

   He leaned toward me and pressed his lips against mine. I closed my eyes. Yep there were sparks. His lips were warm. His sweet smell lingered all around me. This moment right now… is perfect. We broke apart. He winked at me.. “You’re a good kisser Jess” He said.

  Afterwards I ran into my room, grabbed a pillow and screamed! My first kiss! Louis Tomlinson was my first kiss!!!


  Ok guys thats it! I TOTALLY LOVE THIS CHAPTER!! You get to learn a little bit more about Becca and her story.. I think that it is extremely sad what had happened to her. What is even more upsetting is that this happens in real life. So to anyone that is reading this and this has happened to them please know that everything is going to be all right.

Well bye guys and stay tuned for next chapter. BECCA AND ZAYN’S DATE!!!!!!!!!

fan fiction chapter 6: Some romance FINALLY!!

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     I had my hair down today.. my friends and I were at the beach for spring break. Later we were going to go to Louis’s penthouse to watch scary movies. It had been exactly 2 months since i told the girls our secret and probably 3 months since i met the boys. This year had been completely amazing. With the boys and my bestfriends around we were always doing something. I felt alive and finally felt part of something. It felt real, like i belonged, i felt loved. We had drove down to Florida and obviously the boys had a house in every state practically. It had been a full day’s drive and we were spending 2 days and 2 nights here. I was wearing « this. Becca was wearing .. « this. Ali was wearing.. « this. Sam was wearing.. « this. And Logan was wearing.. « this (click the links and it will take you to a collection of what they are wearing)

     We were on the beach tanning talking about all the things we were going to do. “Ya.. we’ll go see lighthouse and we’ll take a walk to town and see all the shops.. It’s going to be so much fun!” Becca squealed.

    “Ya guys whatever you wanna do!” I said.

   Becca, Ali, Sam and I were lying on our backs on a beach towel while Logan was in the water. It was her first time at a beach. It was so warm outside. It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. That’s when I heard the screaming, “AHHHH!!” It was coming from Becca. I flashed open my eyes and tried to run away but it was too late. A pair of strong arms lifted me up and threw me in the water. It was so cold! I was screaming. The water wrapped its cold arms around my body forcing me to swallow water. I swam back to shore coughing like crazy. “THAT WASN”T FUNNY!! I COULD HAVE DIED!!” I screamed.

  “oh come on babe.. you know I didnt mean it..” Louis laughed. “Actually I did..” He had a smirk on his face..

  “That’s it!” I flew straight at him and we fell in the water. His arms wrapped tightly around my waste. We swam to the top of the water, me still in his arms. “Don’t worry I got you..” He whispered.

  “oh sure..” I put my arms around his neck.. the atmosphere changed.. I wasn’t just here in his arms.. I was here in his arms .. “I always feel safe with you..” I whispered.

  I leaned my head against his shoulder.. We just stayed like this for a while. I could tell that the girls were staring but i didn’t care. This moment right now was perfect. “you’re so beautiful..” He said.

  I looked up at him.. I didn’t know what to say. So i jumped up and pecked him on the lips..


  All of a sudden Zayn picked me up and threw me in the water. “AHH!!!” The water was freezing cold. I could hear a screaming from somewhere else too. I stayed in the water.. Zayn looked at me and I motioned him to come in with my finger. He took off his shirt and jumped in.. “Hey..” He said.

  I took my hands and pushed him under the water but he lifted me up and over his shoulder and then took me by the waist and set me back down in the water. He shook a finger at me. From day one we would flirt a little but not like this. I knew he liked me and he knew I liked him.. I smiled and tried to make myself look as good as possible with a wet mop of hair. He was obviously shy and wasn’t going to say anything soon.. “Hey..” I moved closer to him.. “How about we do something sometime? ” I put my hand on his chest..

"Uhh.. ya.." He answered..

"How about tonight? We could go to a movie or the beach.. anywhere." I asked

"Umm. Ya I mean yes.. that sounds really nice.."

"Okay see you then.." I whispered. and as I left I brushed my hand across his chest.


okay guys! that’s it for this chapter stay tuned for next chapter to find out what happens with Jess and Louis and Becca and Zayn’s date ^_^ KK BYE

My thoughts on death..

       All of us have thought about death in one way or another, either someone in your family or someone close to you has died. It could also come up out of nowhere. We think of this because it’s always there. As a kid you’re scared of it, afraid that it will take you from everyone you love. But I guess as time goes on you kind of let things go and understand that its your time. And after you the people you love will be reunited with you. I believe when we die, no matter if you die happy or sad, you will see everyone that you love and have loved. You will see anyone you want to see. I believe animals will be there too. Heaven is for everything. Why would God make these creatures so that we could love them and care for them if we never see them again. I think He loves them too. There we be no pain or suffering, jealousy, there we be only love. So much love that it will leek into every part of your soul.  I will hold you close and tight and you will never have any pain ever again. I don’t know if this is true. I guess a lot of people believe this because they don’t want any more sadness in there lives. I have hope and faith that when I die I will be happy.

Sorry I just had to this random guy just pops out of nowhere

Sorry I just had to this random guy just pops out of nowhere



One Direction Fan Fiction Chapter 5: tell me a lie….

       It has been a week since I first met One Direction. Ali and I have to keep where they live a big secret. It’s really hard to keep so many secrets from all your friends and family. Ali and I were at their mansion. We were sitting on their black leather couch listening to there songs. “Hey Jess?” Ali asked. “Yeah?” I said. “I don’t know if I can keep this a secret much longer. Logan is our best friend. I have no idea how we kept it from her this long. Not to mention Sammy and Becca.” She said. “Look I understand how you feel. It has been really hard to keep this from everyone too. Maybe we can talk to the boys and see if we can just tell Logan, Sammy, and Becca.” I answered. “Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be fine with it!” She said in a not confident voice.

       When Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam got home we told them our situation. “Look we’ve been keeping this huge secret. Can we just tell a few of our friends?” Louis thought it was fine, but Niall did not want us to tell anybody. Who knew Niall was so uptight. “Niall, I think it would be fine. We can’t make them not tell anyone. I know how you feel. We shouldn’t make you keep this secret for us.” Harry answered.

       It was a Monday. God, how I hate Mondays. I was meeting Ali, Logan, Sammy, and Becca at the park before school. Me and Ali planned out everything we were going to say, but had a feeling someone was going to be angry. I got dressed in tight jeans, a hoodie, and my black shoes. My blonde puffy hair was all over the place. I tried to comb it but the brush only got stuck it all my crazy curls so I took a hair band and tied it up into a frizzy ponytail. When I looked in the mirror, it actually didn’t look that bad. I got on my “ripstick” and swurved out of my drive way and onto the road. It took me 15 minutes to get to the park. No one was there because it was very early in the morning. Here in Virginia it was very chilly in the early hours too. At first I didn’t see a soul at the park, but then I looked at they swing set. All the girls were swinging on the swings. Ali was the highest, flying into the air and swinging back down. Logan was on the swing next to her. Her black wavy hair was placed neatly into a braid. She had dark brown eyes and wore a pink long sleeve shirt. Sammy was beside her. Sammy has  blond hair and bluish-green eyes. Next to Sammy was Becca. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was lucky. She had it all the charm, the looks. Basically everyone loved her. I took a deep breath and headed towards them. “Hey..” I said. “Oh good! You’re here!” Ali yelled. “Okay now that you’re here..” Ali got off the swing and turned toward Logan, Sammy, and Becca, “We have something to tell you.”

       We told them everything, from the first day when I woke up in the hospital to find Louis there to the day when we met all of them. We told them of the long nights we spent with them. Huddling outside, holding a flashlight, and telling ghost stories. The time when Zayn slipped on the floor and then Harry fell right on top of him. “So there you go! We are so sorry we didn’t tell you sooner.. It’s just that we didn’t know if we could trust you…” I could tell I had used the wrong words. “You couldn’t trust us! We are your best friends!” Logan yelled. “Yeah! And of coarse you’d tell Ali first!” Sammy yelled. We looked at Becca waiting for her to answer. “I don’t believe any of that! You expect me to believe that you met One Direction!” I was shocked at their reactions. I didn’t think they’d be this mad. “You don’t believe us! Well fine I’ll call them right now!” I took out my phone and called Louis. After three or four rings Louis answered. “Hey Jess what’s up? How’d it go with the girls?” “Well actually I’m with them right now. They just don’t believe you’re real.” I said. “Well girls.. It’s true I’m Louis Tomlinson!” I looked around me. I knew they noticed his voice. Logan, Sammy, and Becca sat there with there mouths wide open. All of a sudden they started screaming and giggling. “OMG!! YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ONE DIRECTION!!” Becca screamed.


hugs for ya :)

CUTE!!!!!!! I THINK IMA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hugs for ya :)

CUTE!!!!!!! I THINK IMA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Direction Fan Fic Chapter 4: meeting one direction

       “You don’t know you’re beautiful! That’s what makes you beautiful!” My phone was singing from somewhere in my room. I was hardly awake. I didn’t recognize that someone was trying to call me. Suddenly the song rang through my mind.. My phone was ringing! I jumped out of bed and searched around my room for my phone. Finally I found it under a huge pile of clothes. I answered the call. “Hello!” I said. “Hey!” Louis replied. “OMG! LOUIS?!” I shouted. “Yeah it’s me. Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday… I was umm.. busy..” He answered suspiciously. “Yeah and by busy you mean on twitter all day?” I started to get annoyed, “Look, Louis if you don’t want to be friends than just tell me.” He sighed, “It’s not that actually it’s the exact opposite. Like I said before.. I’ve never met a girl like you and well I guess I was nervous to call you.. sorry.” He sounded so cute. He was nervous to call me yesterday. And just to think I was flipping out because he wouldn’t call me. “Louis you never have to be afraid to call me. We’re friends. You can trust me..” “Thanks… I don’t know your name.” He laughed. “We hung out all day and I didn’t even get your name.” I laughed too, “Right. My name’s Jessica Stoen. Call me Jess.” “Jess, you have such a pretty name.” I could feel the blush on my cheeks. I didn’t know what to say. “Thanks Louis… Your name isn’t bad either.” He chuckled. “So do you want to hang out today?” He asked. My mind drifted off to Ali. She was lying on her bed, completely misrable. Then I had an idea. There was only one way to cheer Ali up. “Sure but we have to do something first.

       Once we got to Ali’s house I explained the situation to Louis, “So she broke up with her boyfriend and she’s wallowing in her room. The plan is to cheer her up.” He looked at me, “And I guess I’m part of this plan, aren’t I?” “Yup, without you this plan wouldn’t even work.” We got out of the car and walked to her door. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she saw Louis. I ringed the door bell. After a few minutes Ali answered the door. She looked terrible. Her hair was a mess. She had on a dirty robe. And well, basically she looked terrible. “Oh hi Jess…” She looked over at Louis and her eyes widened. “Uhhh…. HOLY CRAP!!!” The look on her face was unforgettable. I was tempted to take a picture. Unlike me she started flipping out. “OMG IS THAT LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Louis said, “Hey I’m here to cheer you up!” She started laughing, “Omg! I though you were lying! I mean why wouldn’t I, but you actually met Louis Tomlinson!!” I laughed, “Yeah! And guess what?!” I asked. “WHAT!” Ali screamed. “We’re taking you to see the rest of the band!” I was smiling like crazy now. This was the part of the plan Louis didn’t know about. I look of confusion swiped across Louis’s face, “Wait what?!”

       Ali got dressed into a cute blue v-neck shirt and shorts with black shoes. It was a total difference from just a few minutes ago and now. She straighten her hair and had it parted to the side. My hair never did that. Even if I tried (which I have many times) My hair will not straighten. I have always been jealous of Ali. Her hair was perfect, her eyes were blue, and she had a good figure. My hair matched my skin which did not help in my case. My eyes did not sparkle when the light hit them. Even though I was meeting the whole band today I wasn’t dressed up either. My hair was very frizzy, I had tried to part it to the side. I was wearing a soft green t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes too. My heart was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking about finally meeting Niall. I know I shouldn’t think like that when obvisously Louis cared about me. Ali was very excited to. She kept on asking questions, “What are they like? Does Harry have a girlfriend? OMG will Niall be eating? Will we see kevin?! Is carrots really your favorite food?” Louis laughed. “They are the best friends you could ever meet, no, probably, yep, and of coarse!” You could tell he actually liked Ali. I was scared he wouldn’t like her and then no take us to see the band.

       We pulled up into a long driveway. The house was huge. It was very new and the whole house was painted white, “Wow!” I whispered. “OMG!! NO WAY!!” Ali screamed. “Okay so just act natural.” He said. We walked to the front door and he led us inside. The lights were all off. Louis wasn’t by our sides anymore. He must of slipped off to turn off the lights. All of a sudden I light came on in a distant room. Okay now this was just creepy. I held on to Ali and yelled, “Louis?” no one answered. I dark shadow passed behind us. This must be a joke. They’re just playing a joke on us. But my mind led off to in the car. He never called anyone. They didn’t know we were coming. “Louis?!?!” I screamed. Ali was holding my arm super tight. “Ummm.. Jess if this is what you call cheering me up, well it”s not working.” A TV started playing from somewhere inside the house. Then there was static and then nothing. “This isn’t funny Louis!” I screamed. A dark figure stepped into the room. He was holding something, a knife. He was coming closer and closer. someone was screaming. Was that me! “GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” I screamed on top of my lungs. Suddenly the lights flashed on and four other men walked into the room. Louis took off his dark hoodie. “I’m Louis!” he yelled. “I’m Zayn!” a tall handsome man yelled. “I’m Harry!” Harry Styles yelled. “I’m Niall!” He yelled. “And I’m Liam!!” Liam yelled. “AND WE ARE ONE DIRECTION!!!” They all screamed at the same time.